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  • The Catskill Watershed Corporation (20 unit hotel and conference center renovation of historical building)

  • Eastman Associates (Boys & Girls Club foundation engineering)

  • Brooks Bar-B-Q (sauce plant expansion and wastewater treatment plant)

  • Springbrook (architectural and site-development for assisted residential living facilities for the disabled)

  • Engineering reports and analysis on the Smithy Building in Cooperstown, NY (building was constructed in 1786 by Judge William Cooper)

  • Gilbert Lake State Park: engineering and design of CCC cabins renovation for ADA accessibility

  • Alex Herrmann, PE, SE

  • Ben Beisler, PE

  • Boyle Excavating

  • G&S Construction Inc.

  • R. Braun Land Surveyor

  • Rasmussen Land Surveyors

  • Red Point Builders

  • Senator Peter Oberacker

  • Seward Sand and Gravel

  • Tom Howard Construction

  • Whritner Builders

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